531137_384563974957910_279704026_nWow, for the past few days, I am enjoying the chilly atmosphere due to the melting snow from other regions. Guess what, this opens up my mind to share a very seductive topic today to make your body feel comfortable despite the chilly air.


Hey, did you ever experience a nerve-cracking oral sex with a HOT GIRL? Okay, for me, oral sex is perhaps the most intense sexual intercourse I had experienced.


Well, it’s your luck day because I will be sharing some important tips on how to convince a girl to give you the most satisfying BLOWJOB (BJ) or oral sex in your life! :-)


Remember that not all oral sex experiences, especially if you don’t know how to seduce your girl perform the best deep throat BJ that will give you an optimum orgasm. However, if you meet a girl who can give what you expect when having sex, you will never forget the experience of seeing your penis being lick and suck by the girl you desire.


My first tip is to learn how to seduce your girl through caressing her body while in bed and whispering SEXY words while licking her nape. Keep in mind that you have to give her very passionate sexual affection. Tell her what you want to do with her and ask her if she can give you a favor before penetrating her pussy.


Again, I want to you give her head spinning thoughts like saying, “I really love to eat your pussy and let your orgasm blow into my mouth.” Afterwards whisper and ask her, “Can you do the same thing with me?”


Once she moans without saying any word, this is already a positive sign that she is willing to give you a pleasurable ORAL SEX. Show her that you are ready for the big night to make her happy and contended after having sex. Of course, you still have to focus on your goal and that is to convince her to give you a satisfying oral sex.


Next is to gentle push her hand to touch your penis and ask her to caress your balls. This move is important to make you feel 486997_385810574833250_2109382303_nelectrified and show her through curling your toes and moaning a little bit while licking her neck. Of course, once begins to feel your penis, make sure to allow your hands in action through caressing her breast and vagina as well.


Do it gently but with intensity to let her close her eyes while feeling your hard penis ready for the best shot! Let me tell you something that at this very moment, you can feel her WETNESS already once touch her vagina slowly.


The moment you set your confidence while on the bed, you can start pushing her head slowly directing your chest. While doing this, you have to let her hear more intense words until she is taking control on your sexual encounter. Once she starts licking your chest and tummy, tell her to do more and try to reach her head and caress her hair gently.


Remember that this is an enjoyable moment and you have to let her conquer your penis through your guidance on how you want her to play it.


I want you to guide her to lick the head of your penis gently while her right hand is caressing your balls. While she is licking and sucking the head, position your body to make an eye contact with her. This is crucial to let her feel craving for your PENIS and continue saying gentle words to reveal your satisfaction.


Make your penis be the hardest gun to let feel that you are about to explode any moment. Remember that once she feels comfortable sucking and licking your penis, you will discover that she is beginning to perform other nerve-cracking actions to make you feel wilder. I am talking about seeing her trying to pump your gun with her hand while sucking your balls as well.


Men, this is the craziest oral sex that you might experience like me once you convince her blow your penis into her mouth without throwing any sperm cells.


images-1As soon as you feel that you are coming, be sure to tell her that you are starting to lose control and show your desire to blow your penis inside her mouth. Again, because of the intensity and confidence you had built during the first few seductive steps, she will definitely suck your penis right until you blow total ORGASM!


Well, I had experienced this nerve-cracking oral sex and I am sharing it to you now to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy what I had enjoyed a year ago. Definitely, I guarantee you that you will never forget it regardless if you are married or not. :-)


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