486997_385810574833250_2109382303_nHi everyone, I had a disappointing experience last week when my friends ask me to come with them for a mountain trek. I felt bad of not completing the trek and forced myself to go back home.


What a day I can say and I really felt sad that day. Anyway, let us forget about my unwanted experience and focus on the reality. You know what I mean, right? Yeah, it’s about giving all of you an interesting topic on how to SATISFY your girl while in bed.


My topic is very particular for men who want to lick the vagina of a woman for the first time. Of course, some men think about the stingy smell or salty taste already. For me, this is one of the most interesting parts of learning how to lick the sec organ of a woman as a first timer. You need to consider the stingy as a great challenge to give your girl the best ORGASM.


There are situation that a woman is not thinking about sex while in bed. Sometimes, she is more aware of having a mind-blowing orgasm through experiencing it with your tongue. This is the reason why you need to learn the most effective technique when licking her vagina.


Although some men enjoy using their fingers when giving their partner satisfying orgasm, I still consider licking the vagina as a thrilling experience for a man who never tried before. Once you learn how to role and penetrate your tongue gently deeply in her vagina, you will definitely appreciate every movement of her body.


Not to mention the excitement of hearing your girl moan and biting her lips because of the great pleasure she feel! :-)


Once she start to move wildly, you need to go deeper her vagina and lick every piece of her sex organ to make her longing for more.395017_386847208062920_658793943_n Gently bit her VAGINA and feel the soft tissues around it and the wetness inside. Do not stop doing this and find ways on how to use your hands to caress her breast also. Be sure to position her legs are correctly above your shoulders to grab her vagina completely.


Continue licking her sex organ using circular motion and feel her HOT orgasm flowing inside her vagina. By the way, most women will have an early orgasm for the first few minutes of continuous licking the vagina. I want to tell you something very important about this situation; this is actually the most powerful first timer skill that you won’t ever forget.


However, I have some reminders if you are a first timer, not all situations like this can satisfy a woman. In some cases, others fail to provide satisfying oral orgasm because of not using the exact LICKING techniques.


66998_200760430065056_1915507921_nIt is very important to wet the outer lips of her vagina and slowly circulate your tongue around it. Make sure insert your tongue gently and observe if she’s beginning to get her initial orgasm.  Definitely, this kind of technique will never control her to have the first pleasurable orgasm right into your mouth.


This happens because her clitoris is urging for more already and any moment, her vagina will explode as what you expected. When you feel the stimulation on her vagina, give her the best licking technique as if there is no tomorrow. :-)


Well, I want you to remember that when your girl feels horny about experiencing a remarkable oral sex from you, don’t think about having sexual intercourse at this very moment. Instead, give her what she wants and take advantage of your tongue efficiently!


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