Hi there, just woke up early to prepare my breakfast. Of course, my mind is on a good MOOD to share my new topic to all of you out there.


To start off, I want to ask you something that is really an INTRIGUING question. Hey, have you ever met a married woman who still wanted to have SEX with you, despite her status? Well, this actually happens most of the time and even me, I experienced having sex with some married women a couple of times.


If I will compare this experience than going out with a single woman out there, I can say that this more beneficial. Why? In my own opinion, the relationship has no COMMITMENT so this means it’s free, her intention is to sleep with you and when going out, you will not be spending alone! Hope you got my point here.


Okay, now I will reveal to you the SECRETS on how and where to find a married woman who will agree to have sex with you!


I had couple of sexual intercourse to married women out there and the last time was a few months ago. Well, I won’t just name her as a sign of respect and for my safety as well. LOLZ


I actually met her through the Internet after I joined TAGGED. Yes, you heard it right my friend. I am not saying that all of the women here want to have sex. However, some women are searching for a partner to sleep with. Just like any other information you want to get online, this doesn’t except SEX when surfing the web.


Now, I will just share to you my most intimate encounter with a sexy and pretty girl who used to work in a nightclub. It took me 3 weeks before I convinced her to go out with me and sleep with me just for once. She is MARRIED to an old foreign guy but his husband is not around that time. Since I now that she is longing for sex, I focused our conversation in topics about seduction and observe if she’s comfortable.


Although I need to shift the topic at times, my focus is to seduce her and have sex because my OPPORTUNITY is already there. I know that she needs my CARE because his betterhalf isn’t around. I even asked her about him and their sexual relationship, but she just said, “hey, change your topic please” then she smiled.


I know that she is already married BY LAW, so I need to be careful that no one will reveal our plans. Remember what I detailed above, we had sex but no commitment and this you have to keep in mind my friend.


Because she is longing for sex, wow, her ORGASM is definitely impressive when we are inside the hotel’s bedroom. She loves to seat on top, which is exactly my favorite sex position. Afterwards, she gave me a mind-blowing BJ until we completed the first round of a very intimate sex. By the way, please do not perform oral sex on this kind of situation. Do not think negative about my opinion but it is for your own SAFETY my men.


If you think that you can still go out because his husband is not available, don’t force her to have sex again. Like me, I usually ask a date away from our place and visit a fine dining to EAT and ENJOY our favorite foods. By doing this, I got her emotions better and even if I won’t ask her to sleep with me, she actually is suggesting it already.


This happens because she is already comfortable with me and just a warning though, never ask her to go out or even dare to TEXT her if his partner is around. If you are married as well, give her a nice pet name on your contact numbers when using your cellular phone. This will protect you from being CAUGHT by your own wife. LOLZ


Always remember that you must not try to flirt with her all the time, rather be subtle and captivating. Observe your advantage over your RIVAL (I am referring to his husband) and do what he lacks to satisfy her wife. I tell you straightaway, you will cherish every opportunity you have if you follow my strategies with care.


Well, thanks for your time my friend, please do not hesitate to message me or leave a comment if you have interesting sexual experiences to share also.


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